Cave Cricket Studio

Cave Cricket is what I call my humble-but-mighty facility. I came up with the name when I started recording in my parents' basement as a teenager.

The modern incarnation of Cave Cricket is above ground, and has at its heart three, glass-separated rooms, all with excellent visibility into each other. These three rooms can easily fit a six-person band, including a drummer.

The building is fully-wired so that any of its five additional spaces can be used as amp rooms or additional iso booths, say for a string/horn section, a percussionist, backup singers and so on. Click below to see videos of typical band situations. We can record 24 channels at once here, with six separate mixes, so everyone can hear what they need to while tracking. Most ensembles can easily fit here, comfortably separated from blaring guitar amps and with plenty of acoustic isolation so that individual instruments comprising live takes can be punched in for touch-ups. 

All the wiring really works here (that should go without saying, but studios are often plagued with gremlins) and work happens efficiently in this space; people often remark that they're amazed how quickly we can build songs up over a session. The studio is equipped with a couple of excellent tube guitar amps, tons of instruments, a fat arsenal of mics and plenty of software and musicianship to help get what you're looking for into your tracks.

A great thing about Cave Cricket is that aside from being an inexpensive place to work, it comes with a free and very handy studio musician, backup singer, engineer and producer who's as happy to stay out of the way as he is to jump in and suggest or play parts for you. Take a listen to some of the projects that have come through here to see what's possible.